Jersey's Guide to Staying Warm

Jersey's Guide to Staying Warm

We are often asked which one is the best jersey for the cold conditions. The Belgian Crew makes different jerseys for each season. It is important to get your layers right make the most of your winter miles. This guide is aimed to help you pick the right jersey or jacket for the job, and get you outside on your bike whatever the conditions! Use our guide to learn the principles of staying warm on cold days. 


Snug Fit: Our apparel is made to fit snug. Close fitting-layers don't let air in and trap the heat near your body. Also, it is aerodynamic, giving you an advantage riding at Full Gas.

Breathable: Your body generates heat, and the harder you ride or more you push, the more you sweat. Your body should breath or you will get wet and cold quicker. We only use premium fabric, insulated by highly breathable.

Layers: Wear layers, you should never start a ride feeling warm but rather warm up as you ride. Dress from base layer up and add layers without getting bulky.

The first layer of any riding outfit, they play a very big role in regulating your body temperature. The Belgian Crew makes base layers that are fitted to your body, thanks to its honey-comb construction, they wick away sweat that could turn to icy temperatures very quick. 

The best protection from the cold, our St Hubert Cycling Jacket has been engineered to get you through the harshest conditions, whether you are riding through fog, ice or snow. It has an integrated an integrated thermal vest on the torso and hand sleeve to minimize air getting in. So you get the protection of two garments in one! The St Hubert Winter Jacket is made with a micro fleeced Gore-tex soft-shell and a stretchy mix of Italian fabrics that offers a terrific balance between insulation and breathability. Completely wind resistance and breathable you will stay hot without overheating.  Simply one of a kind.

Block the Wind. A cold breeze can cut through layers and make you feel cold but but with a windproof finish, you can keep cold air away from your core. The perfect 3 season jersey, from autumn to spring! The Antwerpen Wind block Cycling Jersey is fully windproof at the front and breathable at rear with a soft-brushed inner collar for added warmth and comfort. We also included two side zippers to let some air in if you start heating up. Of course, it is water resistant too! Available in: Black, Navy blue, Burgundy

Your best training partner, the Boom cycling jersey has been developed for the mid-season rides. It provides an exceptionally good fit and excellent breathability, you should be warm, without overheating. The harder you ride, quicker it dries. It is not wind proof and very breathable but thanks to a premium soft-fleeced fabric, feels like a second skin, the ideal all-rounder. The cut is slim with extra length in the arms to keep you covered when you’re stretched forward into your riding position and a fully covered zip with an integrated zipped hidden pocket. Available in: Black, Navy blue, Flemish gold.
TEMPERATURE RANGE: 10-18 degrees