'De Flandriens' of the Season

De Flandriens is a Belgian Boys Club exclusive programme, run in collaboration with our friends at Ridley/Merckx bicycles and Lazer Helmets. De Flandriens pays homage to the Belgian Boys Club’s ‘hard men’ of cycling.

Each season we will select 3 cyclists to represent the Belgian Boys Club as official ‘Flandriens’. The cyclists will be picked from our followers showing us love and support in what we do by simply buying and showcasing our gear.

Whether you live in Belgium or not, our passion for cycling goes beyond those geographical boundaries, so if you are a keen cyclist and we share the same passion, you have a chance to be the next ‘Flandrien’ of the Season! Riders will be picked from 3 different nations (sorry only EU based) and we will arrange your travel to Belgium. We will make you a real model for one day wearing the most prestigious Belgian cycling apparel.

All of this could not be possible without the support of Ridley Bikes giving you the chance to ride a Ridley or Merckx bike, and Lazer Sport, kindly offering a helmet for each rider. A special thanks goes to our friends at Kwaremont for keeping us hydrated during those hard days of shooting.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next ‘De Flandrien’? …You could be next, it is easier than you think!



This Season's Official Flandriens:

Andy Van Hulle (Belgium)

Cycling Enthusiast. Aka Cobble Eater

The real Custodian of the Cobbles



Tim Davits (Netherlands)

If you have everything under control, you're not moving fast enough.

Gareth Winter (United Kingdom)


If you look sensational while riding like a Belgian then you are #Winning.