The majority of our products still go through a hand-made process.

We have reached such a level of industrialization, where everything is similar,  that we are losing our objectivity and perspective on hand-made products, whose value lies on the fact that even when we take the same reference, no two products are the same.

Our apparel is created in very limited numbers, so you can be confident that when you walk out the front door, that nobody will be looking as good as you.

Someone who owns a product by BBC, can say that they have something that is pretty rad. A beautiful item, which has been looked after, with its own personality…

Industrialized products, all identical, have led many people to think that small irregularities of an object, not an industrial one, are manufacture defects.

Whilst we would prefer to produce our range in Belgium, it seems this is not currently an option. Italy has a rich history and formidable reputation in apparel production, so it seems only fitting to produce the entire Belgian Boys Club range there.


Our products have been specially developed to meet the needs of professional athletes at the highest level of the sport so they can perform well in all conditions, from cold and wet Belgium to sunny hot France in July. We select materials that will maximize your performance but that sometimes require some extra care in washing. 

We cannot guarantee that your product will last forever, but we can encourage you follow the care instructions below to maximize the products performance and lifetime. 


Washing instructions are printed inside our garments. Following our garment instructions will help make sure that your gear will last as long as possible. Routine care and maintenance on your part will ensure the highest performance from our products and extend their useful lifespan. 

  • Always read the care label before washing your clothes.
  • Wash dark and light colours separately.
  • Close all zips and velcro fasteners and then turn the garment inside out.

  • Wash it by hand in cold water or in a washing machine at 30° on the normal cycle, avoiding a hot wash that could damage the fabric.
  • Never iron the product and do not leave prints or labels near heat sources.
  • Do not use bleach or a fabric softener! This can destroy the wicking treatments, water repellent treatments, etc.

  • Hang dry or leave the garment flat to dry, but do not tumble dry. Do not use dryers!